Being promoted to the position of 'Grandparents'!

2011 - will be an AWESOME year for the Nelson/Lynn family. Our beautiful daughter and son-in-law are blessing us with our first grandchild - a boy. Christopher Aiden Lynn is due to arrive June 30 (the same date his Mama was due! How cool is that?)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Memories of Granny O

My Granny O passed away last last grandparent. As I think of them, I will share some fond memories of her.

As a kid we used to go the the lake on the weekends...the whole family. We would get to her house really early in the morning. The house would smell like fried chicken, boiled peanuts, and pound cake! To this day, everytime I eat a boiled peanut, I think of this.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Home Improvement!

We decided to rip up the carpet and go for it with some really nice laminate flooring. This is some really great, solid stuff, and it looks so great! It's hard work, but we are having a ball putting it down. We make quite the team! Here's one of sort of a 'before' of the breakfast nook.
I tried to find a 'before' shot. Here's a little bit of one.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Has it been a year?

Geez. It's been almost a year since I last posted. Lots of stuff happened. Hubby got laid off and it took 8 months for him to find another job. He has a job he enjoys, with a much more improved work environment. So, that's good. My youngest made the Varsity Cheerleading squad at her highschool, so that has made for a really fun year! Lots of football games, then on to 2 competitions. We had a blast watching her. Next year will be her senior year, so we are looking to some fun stuff with that. A major milestone!

Our oldest and her hubby built a new home. It's really nice and they are enjoying decorating it. Christmas was fun for them getting to hang lights on their new home. We made her a really pretty wreath for her door, too!.

I caught up with my friends from elementary school. We used to play Barbies all the time. What a treat it was to reunite and see them again! The 'Divas of DeCarlo Lane'! LOL!

We celebrated our 30th anniversary, our youngest turned Sweet 16, Highschool Homecoming, Cheerleading competitions, holidays, my youngest found a new boyfriend, my baby sister turned 40! My goodness what a year it has been! Looking back, seeing how God has blessed our family this past year, through all the uncertainty...I know He'll continue to watch and care for us through 2010, too. He's been faithful.

So, here are a few pics from the past year...just to catch up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thirty Years Ago Today...

Still going strong! Went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to celebrate. Allen wore his tux, needless to say, we got a few looks! But hey, why do we not use the good china and silver more often? We need to celebrate our lives more! So...we did! So bust out the tuxes and bling and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fifty Years...and Counting


and Now...

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

For more photos - Click Here

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Weekend's Project

We made a wedding cake for a friend of my husband, who got married on Saturday.
So, how long does something like this take, you may ask?
Baking: 5 hours
Mixing Frosting: About an hour and half to make all the batches needed - this one needed 3
Crumb Coat layer: About an hour - crumb coat lock in the cake crumbs to keep them from getting into the final frosting layer. A crumb coat is a MUST for a chocolate cake...which this was.
Final Coat: About 2 hours, including waiting for the frosting to set up.
Smoothing: The hand-smoothing process, using waxed paper, takes another hour and a half or so.
Applying Decorations: It depends on how ornate it is. This one was fairly simple, so it took about an hour to put all the trim on and arrange the flowers.
Total Project time: 12 hours

Okay, so the guys on Ace of Cakes do it faster...I guess, but then I'm not a pro. LOL! long does it take to cut it up and eat it??? About 20 minutes! LOL! (I always hate that part!)

Monday, January 12, 2009